Sunday, June 21, 2015

Watermelon Sunday

Happy Sunday, Fathers day and Summer Solstice everyone! It is officially summer and while it is my absolute least favorite season because of the heat, there are a few things I do like about it. Like WATERMELON! Who doesn't love watermelon? It's refreshing, it's sweet and it makes for an adorable print. Am I right?
And who doesn't love the taste and smell of sickly sweet watermelon flavored candy?
It just happened to be a coincidence that I had watermelon gummies in my purse on the same day I sported my watermelon dress. (Pinky promise!) Also, let's see how many times I can say "watermelon" in this post.

Try to ignore the chipped red nail polish, it's been a long week. 
 Twirling, twirling, twirling.
This is my casual pose. 
 I spy with my little eye, a sneaky bobby pin desperately trying to hold up all the stray hairs that weren't quite long enough to fit in my bun.
 These are some well-loved shoes and it shows, but I'm going to pretend that the satin isn't fraying and try to squeeze some more wear out of them. 

Outfit Details:
Watermelon Dress- Choies
Red Scarf- Vintage
Pink Bow Socks- Kate Spade
Green Satin Bow Flats- Kate Spade

P.s. a big thank you to Caghain for taking my blog pictures for me yet again!

Friday, June 12, 2015


Howdy friends! Another day off means another blog post! 
I think my vision is starting to go and you know what that means? GLASSES! I do already have a pair I use for reading, but I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to add another accessory to my collection. After spending way too much time looking at cute specks on Warby Parker's website, I decided to give their try-on service a go. You can pick out up to five frames to be sent to you to try on at home with free postage both ways. Pretty awesome deal right? Pictured below is one of the pairs I chose. 

As you can see, these particular frames are pretty thick and bold, but I really quite liked them! Especially with this outfit. I couldn't resist wearing my new eyeball shirt from Romwe with the trial glasses I got in the mail. It was just too perfect. 

 This adorable heart-puff skirt from Lazy Oaf is super comfy! I almost got the one with the egg print on it, but I figured the red hearts blended better with my wardrobe. Maybe next time though! 

Outfit Details:
Velvet Bow Headband- Secondhand (Buffalo Exchange)
Glasses- Warby Parker
Eyeball Shirt- Romwe
Camera Necklace- Forever 21 (a long time ago)
Heart Print Skirt- Lazy Oaf
Floral Carpet Bag- Vintage
Black Buckle Booties- Forever 21


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bonne Chance Collection

Oh my god! I am in love with Bonne Chance Collection dresses right now. I had spotted them on tumblr and instagram a little while ago and really thought they were too good to be true. The patterns, the styles and the prices seemed all too dreamy to not come with a catch. I thought maybe the quality would be less than wonderful, or maybe the fit and length would be awkward, but boy was I wrong! After seeing all the lovely things that fellow bloggers had written about their experiences with Bonne Chance, I decided that I have waited too long! It was time to purchase a dress! I chose two pieces from their collection (after finding a sweet 20% coupon code on their instagram page that is). The first one being a super sugary sweet swan dress in a light powdery blue. I think my history with ballet has bred a deep love for the beauty of swans within me so picking this little number was a no-brainer. 
 The fabric is a beautiful and soft material that I just know will last me ages!

I paired the swan dress with details that I thought would be perfect for wandering in fields of daisies or of course, feeding swans and birds at a local pond.
 P.s. I have been obsessed with shooting photos through prisms these days. I made Caghain shoot most of these while holding up a prism to the lens to create the dreamy ethereal effects you see in these photos.

Outfit Details:
Little Straw Hat- Goodwill
Cameo Necklace- Gifted
Swan Dress- Bonne Chance Collection
Blue Envelope Bag- Kate Spade
Little Brown Shoes- Thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)

And the second dress I picked out came in an amazing and bold red print with little teapots all over it. I think this dress quite resembles a retro diner waitress uniform. 

Seriously guys! This dress is the bee's knees!

Outfit Details:
Red Velvet Hat- Vintage
Teapot Dress- Bonne Chance Collection
Red Scarf- Vintage
Black and White Striped Socks- Free People
Red Chunky Sandals- Lotta from Stockholm

Both these dresses came super fast (with free shipping) in adorable cupcake wrapping and a beautifully hand-written thank you card! It all felt so personal and warm.
It is no exaggeration when I say that I am in love with this company and I will be ordering from them again real soon. Especially since they just released a new collection last week!
Check them out!
They also have an instagram to keep you updated on new prints as well as coupon codes!
(just a disclaimer, I was not contacted by Bonne Chance Collections in any way to review their items or anything of that nature, I simply ordered from them with my own money and am very impressed with their products as well as their business)


Sunday, May 31, 2015

pin a rose on your nose

"We're painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red!" We visited the rose garden in Portland yesterday and I kept picturing the scene from Alice in Wonderland where all the cards go around painting all the white roses red. The International Rose Test Garden was pure magic! It truly felt like a scene from a fairytale. All the roses were in full bloom so the crowd was a bit much but the large array of shades the roses came in held as a nice distraction. Plus the gardens are so huge that even though parking was a struggle, the inside was so spread out and vast that you hardly notice the amount of people gawking over the flowers with you. 
Sticking rose petals to your nose is really the only way to experience all the wonders the romantic flower has to offer. Trust me, I'm an expert. 

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses- Buffalo Exchange
Top- Paul and Joe Sister
Moon Necklace- Brandy Melville 
Black Jeans- Target
Black Strappy Sandals- Urban Outfitters
Doll/Cat Face Purse- Achoo Achachumu

 And now for some serious flower-spam!
These are some of my favorite roses from the day...
 I think Caghain described the flowers above perfectly, as you can see they are a very muted lilac/purple color with grayish tones and he noted that they looked like "funeral flowers" and I couldn't agree more. Aren't they just superbly somber?

Some of these beautiful blooms were nearly the size of my head!
I would highly recommend giving this flower oasis a visit while all the roses are in bloom, though I imagine it would still be magical at any time of the year. 
After our saunter around the gardens we headed downtown for some shopping/browsing and soon learned about the parade that would be taking place later that night in celebration of the bloom of the roses in the Test Garden! What a coincidence! However, we had to head back home before the parade started to get back to our little munchkins (my cats and pup). I really do miss those little guys whenever I'm away from them for more than a few hours... I think I'm a little bit attached. While wandering around near Powell's bookstore, we found a sweet little vintage shop called "Magpie" that had an amazing selection of vintage and antique clothing as well as many accessories. I found a dress from the twenties that was absolutely jaw-dropping. Black velvet with a delicate white lace collar and cuff detail. It was the kind of dress dreams are made of but it was a little more than I could spend on an article of clothing right now (as I'm very slowly saving up for a new camera). Maybe fate will bring us together again in the future when I've got extra money to throw around. 
After the drive home Caghain and I were both hungry and I was feeling brave so I tried Indian food for the first time! Now, this is kind of a big deal for me, I've always been a very picky eater and very reluctant to try new foods but I had tried a very small bite of some naan and sauce (sorry, I have no idea what any of the names of the foods were and if I try I know I will just butcher it) earlier that day and the taste stuck with me so we went for the whole shebang for dinner and OH MY GOD! I think I found a new favorite food! The tastes were just so warm and comforting but also didn't make me feel guilty or like the size of a house for eating it like american comfort food would. I am so glad I took a risk, it paid off immediately and I'm already craving it! mmMMMmMmm

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ladybug Land

Happy Friday everyone! 
Today I felt like doing a little outfit post so after running some errands we decided to drive around town in search of a nice place to take photos. I spotted this vast wheat (I think it was wheat) field that looked simply perfect. I've always been a big fan of large green fields... I think it comes from spending half my childhood in Reno, Nevada where you're surrounded by brown, brown and more brown! I crave green lush scenery and I don't think I could ever live in a place without lots of trees and foliage. Maybe that's why I always daydream about living in a cute little cottage on an English or Scottish countryside, where it rains a lot and the grass grows tall and strong. Perhaps someday.

Being sassy and trying to cooly lean on the tall wheat. Not really working is it?
 Hip hip hooray! it's Friday!

This is one of my most favorite purses, it's so princess-like and frilly and I love the gold bow accents and of course the pretty little puff keychain I bought in Japantown two years ago. 
 There were so many little lady bugs wandering around the field. Little red specks amongst the green and yellows. "Hello lil fellas."
Outfit Details:
Hair Bow- off a dress from Bodyline
Pink Blouse- Forever 21
Houndstooth pinafore- Forever 21
Mint Jellies- Topshop
Pink Bag- Betsey Johnson 

Photos by the Lovely Caghain


Monday, May 25, 2015

Sweet Creek Falls

Since moving to Oregon, we've been told a million times about how we absolutely MUST go see one of the many waterfalls surrounding us and since Caghain and I both had the day off, we decided to see what all the hype was about.  We packed up our many little cameras and were off to visit a cute little place called Sweet Creek Falls and it did not disappoint. 

*Pondering whether or not I should toss my boots to the side and jump in.*

 After a few minutes of serene perfection, sitting on the rocks talking about nonsense with the hush of the waterfall in the background a swarm of children and their families arrived and our visit was over.

On the short hike back to the car I found these sweet little flowers. I'm not sure what their called but I imagine they would make a darling hat for a fairy or sprite. 

Sorry, it's not much of an outfit, but incase you're curious, here's the specifics.
Outfit Details:
Striped Shirt- Buffalo Exchange
Blue Toggle Coat- Caghain's
Blue Sparkle Backpack- J.Crew (kids)
Black Leggings- Forever 21
Green Military Rain-boots- Spool 72